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Will AAP Government survive in Delhi ?

I was at Delhi for the week end to attend a family function. Needless to say the buzz around the town and the flavor of the season is the newly elected AAP [Aam Aadmi Party] and its performance so far .

The AAP came to power defying all predictions and electoral logic ushering in a new era in Indian Politics. Kejriwal ,the Chief Minister personifies the aspirations of the common man who is fed up of the political scene in India ,Corruption , lack of sensitivity in dealing with grass root issues etc .
Naturally hopes are very high and the performance of the new government is closely watched by all.

Last night at Delhi I was watching an interview of Kejriwal by Barkha Dutt of NDTV . What struck me and many others who saw this program was the rustic and direct way by which the Chief Minister described the un-solicited support being provided by the Congress Party to his government. He went on to say that the Congress Party may regret this soon !. A very bold statement indeed.

The common man would like this experiment to succeed but there are plenty of minefields on the way.I checked out the chances with an authentic source – my taxi driver at Delhi who has been around doing his work in the capital for the last 20 years. His prediction was fairly candid – Kejriwal will either succeed or go totally mad !