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Click your way through a brave new virtual world !

The uninitiated to the internet [ a species fast approaching extinction] is still safe from intrusion into his or her privacy . For all others who at least clicked his or her way to the ubiquitous internet once in their life , it is lost forever .

You are visible globally – your attitudes , aptitudes , interest , inclinations, social habits , private moments , reflections etc are all there for the world to see thanks to organizations like Google , Face Book , Twitter and Skype who track you relentlessly through your clicks , personalize content for you for future viewing and sharing , and also make a quick bug on the sly by monetizing the data by collaborating with viral marketing agencies .

Any amount of legislation , control and monitoring will not stop this new trend which is here to stay and also generally acceptable to the netizen of the brave new virtual world . So ,enjoy the experience and do not complain. After all , no one can force you to click !

Lalit Modi -The IPL Csar and Star

I started my blog with I P L Version 2.0 a year back  and had to take a break during the last one month or so as I was too busy watching the matches in version 3.0.

The Indian Super Bowl has come of age and the overall standard along with T R P is increasing with every match . But above all  ,  we have a very visible leader –  Lalit  Modi  in the news now  for both good and not so good reasons .  Personally , I like this person . Let me admit I never heard about him before the advent of the I P L .  I admired his audacity when he stage managed I P L version 2.0 in South Africa  like a strategic military operation last year . This year , I see him every where in the ground , in the  stands , occasionally in the commentary box , dancing at a  I P L dinner party  in Chennai with a former Miss Universe  and signing off autographs  putting  many film idols to shame . The common viewer now identifies I P L with Lalit Modi .

The Twitter issue concerning the  Kochi Franchise  and getting another famous Twitter personality Shashi Tharoor  involved into this  is sensational – to say the least . We do not know the real motive behind this move at this stage .  Anyway , The I P L Csar  who is now a great Star may have to do some explaining  or may be  others may have to eat a humble pie if Modi has his way in matters connected with his mega show – The I P L .