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i Gen and Beyond – Profound Social Changes with Great Impact on Our Lives

Today, I was reading through a review of a recent book titled  ” i Gen ” authored by Jean.M .Twenge , in today’s Wall Street Journal [WSJ] . The author categorizes ” i Gen ” as people born between 1995 and 2012 , labeling this birth cohort [ generally known as Gen Z] as a group that doesn’t know a world without the internet and smartphones and is now 24% of the US population. The population of this group in India will be much more , I guess , with equally tech savvy especially on the smart phones  . India has more than 900 million mobile phones and counting with at least a third of it smart phones  . Recently , on the occasion of the 70th Anniversary of India’s Independence , Mukesh Ambani of Reliance Group announced a package with a free smart phone and unlimited free calls and data for as low as Rs 159 [ less than $ 3 ] per month in his Jio Network for the first 20,000,000 subscribers ! I believe the pre -booking is almost done !

On the behavior side, iGen , according to the author , is neither cynical as Gen X , nor as over confident as Gen Y , with a radical departure when it comes to their views on religion , free speech  and relationships . Technology  and social media is central to understanding this generation’s experience , with their social lives shifted decisively from in – person interaction to the virtual world .   . Worse , they are not happy with their ” on line ” life!. A major cause of worry, according to the author is the stunted development of adult skills which creates a generation that prefers the ’emotional safety ‘ of virtual relationships to the messy entanglements of real ones .

From a Social Science perspective , Veterans [ Silent Generation – Seniors ] to which I belong adhered to rules , are  conformists , had a hard time growing up , believes in family values and became prosperous by hard work . The Baby Boomers who came after World War 2 , believed in equal rights and opportunities , were optimists and team oriented . The developed and developing world flourished because of their commitment and dedication . Gen X [ 1960-80 ] grew up in diversity of culture , are independent , entrepreneurial , informal , pragmatic , techno literate and  think globally . The Millennials [ Gen Y ] of 1980-2000 are more confident , achievers , fun loving , sociable , street smart , tech savvy – a  global community .

Each such generation brought along certain distinct  behavior and social dimension , generally towards the progress of mankind.  Today , in my own nuclear family , I can say that both me and my wife have adapted to technology  , spending about 3 to 4 hours a day on our smart phone ,  i pad or laptop , buying things and paying bills on line and able to understand GPS . A far cry from the days of coal gas buses , 78 rpm discs , analog radios , box cameras ,  and  35 mm movies in a theater . My children are very tech savvy , achievers with a great goal orientation and cannot live without net connectivity. My grand children spend more than half of their waking hours with electronic devices , especially when they are on a vacation ! . One really has to pull them away from a device to which they are glued in – with Netflix , Facebook , Whats App etc.

Where do we go from here ? . Technology is already leap frogging as a leading indicator of future possibilities . Cloud platforms , I o T , Automation , Robotics , AI and Machine Learning are making manual work redundant in almost all areas of repetitive and predictive work . Do the new Generation following i Gen soon compete with Robots and the like? . Does the sci-fi Star Wars become a reality in our lifetime ?  Will human habitats transcend the earth and move to the galaxies up there ?  What will happen to physical relations ? How about human cloning ? .  It is both scary and appealing  paradoxically at the same time !  I think it is time we need another Alvin Toffler to write a book on  ” Future Shock Revisited ”  .

Ushering in a New Year !

A New Year brings in new hopes, new resolutions , and new plans to achieve your dreams and aspirations. It is also a time for a Reality Check and Audit as to what went right , what went wrong and what went short . Many people carry out a social and financial audit and plan new connections and investments.

One simple way to do a social audit is to balance the incoming greetings from friends and relatives with the number of greetings initiated from your end . If you have sent more than what you got [ not counting the responses after receiving a message] , you are proactive in your social dimension.

In these days of internet , Facebook etc , we have multiple medium to send or receive greetings . However, nothing can replace a personal phone call.

It is also a good practice to carry out a destruction board convened and executed by you to weed out old documents , papers and mementos collected during the year.

One bold resolution I made this year is NOT to buy books and instead use my Kindle [ a birthday present from my son] to satisfy my reading requirements. Another one relates to changing my eating habits to cut down my body weight .

The Year 2012 happens to be the last year in the Mayan Calender and 12/21/2012 is supposed to be the last day for the earth to exist as we know it now . Let us wait and see ! .

Working in the Cloud – Shape of things happening in the networked economy.

What is common with Paragon Footwear in India and the global financial giant J P Morgan in the year 2011 ? ,Or where do you think the family picnic photo you uploaded in Facebook  from Dubai yesterday reside in the internet space ? , or the latest Hollywood blockbuster you got streamed into your smartphone come from ?

The answer is CLOUD . Cloud computing is changing the way we work , live , entertain or keep our personal finances tracked . You have cloud computing solutions for ERP [ Enterprise Resource Planning] , for tracking precious cargo , streaming videos and now operating laptops [ Google Chrome Laptop] , Operating systems [ Microsoft Windows 365] tablet PC ‘s and smart phones and many more gadgets connected to the internet .

The days of large captive data storage devices are numbered and you may not even feel like storing anything even in a laptop or smart phone in future . In this exuberance of a promised ” Cloud 9 ” experience on the net , both users and facilitators are well advised to maintain the  interactive , fluid and immediacy features with adequate security and redundancy built into the hardware , applications and systems . If this is done with due care and caution , the software landscape in future will surely be on mobile and cloud platforms .