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Looking for ” Go- to ” Bowlers

The other day I was waiting for my appointment with my doctor and the TV Screen in the waiting room was showing one of the India – New Zealand one day match in progress. Ross Taylor was batting . I could see the frustration in all the Indian bowlers both pace and spin in bowling to him. The rituals were going on forever with Ross Taylor and his partner hitting the ball all around the field with many hits to the fence. No wonder we finished the series with 0-4 in favor of New Zealand .

Not long ago, we got a thorough beating in the hands of South Africa and there too the bowlers were found wanting. The batting also except for Virat Kohli or Captain Dhoni and at times Rahane was below expectations. Both Shikhar Dhavan and Rohit Sharma disappointed in South Africa and later in New Zealand.

The Indian team now has new comers who have not yet been acclimatized abroad and have not mastered the game in foreign soil. We can give them that allowance but as a team we did not click in both these tours which came close on the heels of laurels at home. As Sunil Gavaskar stated recently in an interview , we cannot afford to let this team go for the World Cup . We need fresh talent urgently,according to him.

Rahul Dravid also stated that Dhoni does not have even a single ” go to ” bowler in his present team .It is therefore imperative the the selectors take note and do something to bring the team back on rails before it is too late .

Crossing the Chasm – Sachin Tendulkar’s 100th Century !

My son  Raghu called me at 4.45 PM yesterday while I was on my way back from a meeting with the Indonesian Ambassador to India  to inform me that Sachin has scored his 100th Century against Bangladesh in the Asia Cup Cricket match . He was naturally happy that his hero whom he met personally at Indore in 1989  made his greatest record of his life time . Frankly , I was not expecting this news at all . Most of us who have been following Sachin Tendulkar ‘s recent  lack luster performance  in Australia and his previous match against Sri Lanka where he was the only Indian  player out scoring below 10 runs , were reconciled  to  rule this out altogether. Many of us even forgot the 99 centuries he scored during his career in test/one day matches . Some of us were prepared  for a long wait hoping he does not retire from 1st class cricket till he achieves this land mark.

Finally , when it came , it was a great relief not only for the little master but for all the cricket lovers all over the world. Sachin went through a year of pain and anxiety , silently facing severe criticism , and at times even experts indirectly suggesting he quit and redeem his honor . Recently , when Rahul Dravid announced his retirement , many people asked why not Sachin also follow him .

Sachin Tendulkar , a cult figure in cricket with no parallel to name , was rather lonely at the top for some time now . According to him , he never played for personal records but records just came to him . But , there was this CHASM , chasing him even in his dreams – the 100th 100 in cricket !  . I feel this even affected his style to some extent as evidenced by his body language in recent times .

No one will doubt Sachin Tendulkar’s commitment to the game and his priority for the nation’s glory above personal gains and individual records . His happiness knew no bounds when India won the World Cup under Dhoni’s leadership. It is therefore  rather ironical that India lost the same match to young Bangla Desh’s superior team work when Sachin created the world record !

Finally , I am personally happy for Sachin and he has set a world record which will be much above any cricketing mortal’s reach to breach for many many years to come ! . May be we will have to wait for a Sachin Tendulkar reincarnation to achieve this feat !

England is Number One in Test Cricket from today .

England defeats India today with a 4-0 win and that too all Innings defeat to take over the baton of Number One in test cricket. They performed exceedingly well in both batting and bowling to humble the world champions comprehensively.

Throughout this series played in England , India never came anywhere near a win and the body language of the team said it all . They were not up to the mark ! . Harsha Bhogle , the commentator feels it was the wrong priorities that has done it for India. They were looking for profitability at the cost of performance during the last one year playing under tight schedules and neglecting the practice sessions.

Today , Sachin Tendulkar missed his chance to score the 100th century in test cricket by 9 runs when he was given run out to Bresnan’s bowling – Ironically that was the number of runs required by India to avoid an innings defeat !

But for Rahul Dravid , I do not feel any one else measured up to the challenge posed by the English bowlers and our own bowling fell quite short of making any dent in the English batting side.

A painful lesson for India . They may like to forget this series but to the rest of the world , it was cricket at its best as far as England is concerned .

God of Cricket at Lords , England

India has lost the first test at Lords today thanks to much superior bowling and batting by Strauss  and his team and a generally lack luster performance by the world champions .

This test match was for statisticians – 2000th test in test history , 100th between India and England and 100th century possibility by Sachin Tendulkar , the God of Cricket!. There were millions of Rupee or Pound Sterling bets on his test hundred before the match .

Rahul Dravid who topped the Indian performance in the first innings with an unbeaten 103 runs commented on Sachin being called a God before this test . He said ” there are many Gods in India and Sachin is one of them ! ” No one calls Rahul Dravid a God and he has already reached the second position in the world record on runs scored in test matches next only to Tendulkar . And no one put bets on him as well . Yes, he was not hitting his 100th test hundred but his performance brought some respectability to Indian side .

To be fair to Sachin Tendulkar , he does not promote or even like this cult status but we cricket fans have a habit of raising unreasonable demands on him all the time . In the instant case , a normal bad test for Sachin has now assumed scales of a national let down !

It is high time that we bring all such Gods to mother earth and treat them with sensitivity and sensibility !