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The Winning Way

Anita and Harsha Bhogle have published a great book titled ” The Winning Way -Learnings from Sport for Managers” . I  really enjoyed reading through the pages especially the parallels through live examples from sports to corporate work.

Harsha has been working with cricket players and cricket for more than two decades  globally and his personal encounters helped him getting into the minds of some of the greatest among them  during his interactions both on the arena and in the dressing room. The insights coming out of such dialogue are invaluable to both sportsmen and corporate leaders.

The book is eminently readable and has captured the spirit of sportsmanship both during crisis and winning situations over the last 20 years or so.The chapters on the Winning Triangle – Ability , Attitude and Passion ,The Burden of Winning and  Team Building give invaluable lessons to Corporate Managers and Leaders.

I would strongly recommend this book to all our Leaders and Managers in the Corporate World .

Publisher -Westland Ltd , Chennai , ISBN 978-93-80658-32-2  . Cover Price Rs 200/-

England is Number One in Test Cricket from today .

England defeats India today with a 4-0 win and that too all Innings defeat to take over the baton of Number One in test cricket. They performed exceedingly well in both batting and bowling to humble the world champions comprehensively.

Throughout this series played in England , India never came anywhere near a win and the body language of the team said it all . They were not up to the mark ! . Harsha Bhogle , the commentator feels it was the wrong priorities that has done it for India. They were looking for profitability at the cost of performance during the last one year playing under tight schedules and neglecting the practice sessions.

Today , Sachin Tendulkar missed his chance to score the 100th century in test cricket by 9 runs when he was given run out to Bresnan’s bowling – Ironically that was the number of runs required by India to avoid an innings defeat !

But for Rahul Dravid , I do not feel any one else measured up to the challenge posed by the English bowlers and our own bowling fell quite short of making any dent in the English batting side.

A painful lesson for India . They may like to forget this series but to the rest of the world , it was cricket at its best as far as England is concerned .