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Talent meets Opportunity

I am watching on Colors TV channel an awards function titled ‘ The Golden Petal Awards ” for TV artists . It is amazing to see the depth and breadth of fresh talent and many veterans who perform every day and night with great TRP to entertain  the households in India . This break through happened may be during the last 10 years at the most and TV Entertainment in India is poised to grow and bring in handsome profits to all the stake holders . We have come a long way from the days of ” Humlog ” and ” Buniyad ”

It is heartening to see many budding artists start with TV and migrate to main stream cinema . The reverse also happens in the case of  a  few veterans from the Movie World who move over to the small screen by choice . This is tremendous opportunity for fresh talent in India and I cannot help draw a parallel  with the IPL format of cricket  where same trend happened  giving us more choices to pick players from IPL to play in one day matches and also in test cricket .

I wish such initiatives were also taken by the government in the field of sports and games !

India – The Poor – Rich Country

The last two days witnessed and covered widely in the electronic media the great IPL auction process  – Corporate houses , media barons and prominent film personalities  bidding for Indian and foreign cricket players to form different teams – 10 in number this year for the 74 league matches  and knock out series during April and May . Millions of Dollars or Crores of Rupees pledged to bag the international mercenaries of  bat and ball .  We are a truly rich country !

Let us look at the money reportedly changing hands in illegal manner due to various scams last year  – four to five lakh crores or billions of dollars with no tax liability ! . CWG Scam , 2 G Scam , Adarsh scam , statue scam  , fodder scam , real estate scam – the list is pretty long and impressive .

The great Indian marriage circus is another example of vulgar display of money power which only benefits the jewelers and money bags in the society . Why can’ t we legislate norms for expenditure in such cases to avoid ostentation and chanelise such funds to the welfare of the downtrodden in our society ? A few trillion dollar thus saved from the parallel economy  can feed , educate , cloth and create bread winners for our poor village folks who die by the dozen due to floods , malnutrition , lack of adequate medical care and crops failure in this country .

It is high time that the citizens of this great country mobilize public opinion in a meaningful manner to put an end to this rut we have found ourselves in .

The Great Indian Banana Republic ?

A German Business daily has called  India  a  ” Banana Republic ”  instead of  an economic super power [quoted by Mohan Murti , former European Director of CII in his article titled ” Is the nation in a coma? ” – The Hindu Business Line dated  31 May 2010] .

We may feel offended but with all humility we should admit that there are enough  indicators to substantiate this perception  during the last six months  –  The IPL  high drama involving a nexus between politicians and business people ,  the Madhu Koda  interest in Libya ,  The Shibu Soran drama being played out daily in Jharkhand against all canons of political civility , The “go slow ” or calling off  the CBI enquiry against Mayawati in return for a tacit support for the UPA  Government in crisis  in Delhi ,  the naive political approach in dealing with a major rail mishap by Mamta Banerjee  , the  2 G spectrum deal involving corrupt practices ,  the Air India express accident and its fall out and possible reasons , and to top it all , the repeated Maoist actions against the innocent civilians in Dantewala  -all point to a lack of political will to deal with such incidents in the larger interest of public good and instead resort to ” patch up ” actions to save a government in the Center or in a State .

The European mind or for that matter even any sane Indian mind cannot help lament the state of affairs of our nation now  – more cell phones than public lavatories , man made disasters / tragedies  due to  irresponsible mining in Karnataka or late diversion of a holiday train to another platform in Delhi etc . In addition , the general public is fed up with the fraudulent  and dishonest way  the politicians are amassing wealth and perks . It is therefore a matter of time when the pent up anger  will make people take to the streets to retaliate .

Let us hope that such a day do not come in this country which is so rich in resources and expertise but so inept in managing it !!.

Leadership-The IPL T20 Way

Six weeks of “cricketainment”comes to a close with the IPL T20 cricket finals at Mumbai tonight. The “Super Bowl”of India-conceived, crafted and conducted with clinical precision has received great appreciations and accolades from all over the world. It is estimated that more than 99 million watched this spectacle on and off the venue on a daily basis, relegating all other chores or engagements to second place.

What are the leadership acts witnessed from  this new “genie” out of the bottle?

  • A Great Business Opportunity – From a cricket game to an excellent game plan with enormous potential to create business value to all its stake holders-corporate kings, star power, media muzzle and brand equity, at considerable leverage and risk-return framework navigating unchartered territory both in sports and entertainment.
  • The “Salad Bowl” kind of global teams -assembled in India at very high stakes under local business banners. It was very interesting to watch how players from different countries integrated gradually into cohesive teams as the competition progressed to the final round.
  • Talent scouting and development – Great team building efforts by veteran cricketeers and coaches many a times disregarding perceived brand value of individual players produced world class teams with a spin off benefit of spotting new talent from within India for future employment.
  • Breaking Barriers – A new level of aggressive performance with dynamism, flexibility and innovative execution was very evident in many of the matches played. Many new records were created or broken during the tournament.
  • The Great Visual Treat – provided to  spectators at global level  within a reasonable duration of 3 to 4 hours at affordable costs with added entertainment value cleverly mixing business with pleasure.

Kerry Parker should feel very happy and vindicated for having first put in place the limited over cricket format. The IPL T20 leadership has now taken it to new heights of “Cricketainment” adapting it to the 21st century visual and digital medium with very promising returns to all its constituents.