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A need for version control for YOU.

Our mentors or coaches advise –  be your original self always and do not try to be someone’s  carbon copy ! A sound advice indeed to be a person of good self worth . Leaders at various levels aspire to be their natural self against many temptations or even provocations to be someone else whom they wish to emulate .

But how about the many versions of your own persona which you release to the public when confronting business reality or personal dilemma ? Do we have a -best in class- version for happy situations and a – worst of its kind – version for crisis management ? More importantly , do our colleagues or family members identify and recognize such mood swings ?

Leaders need to have their own version control in place to remain within the so called UCL [ upper control limit] and LCL [ lower control limit ] to show consistency of personal behavior to be the real original they are both at work and in life .


It is said that you can either add years to your life or add life to your years.

A glorious example of the latter is the life of Dr APJ Abdul Kalam who completed one year on 25th July 2008 after demitting the office of the President of India. I read an article by him in the Deccan Chronicle dated 30th July 08 on the eventful one year he just completed out of office. His diary speaks volumes on his passion for the youth of the country for whom he is a mentor, friend, philosopher and guide. He finds time to guide PhD students, interacts with university students in India and abroad, visited various under developed areas of the country and travels to foriegn countries on invitation. He also found time to address the "Lead India" movement and addressed a number of national and international conferences on space research, energy, health care, agriculture and education. He is also a great proponent of Corporate Social Responsibility .

Leaders of all walks of life have great lessons to emulate from Dr Kalam’s example. His advice to the youth of the country to realize their full potential through the association of good books, good teachers and good human beings is of great value. Dr Kalam is a true Leadership Role Model for all.