Indian republic is 62 today – celebrations and re-dedications are  evident everywhere as is the norm along with ceremonial parades and show of strength for the whole world to watch . But – it is a very large BUT – there is unusually prominent pessimism in the general public this year .

A cartoon in the center page of the Deccan Chronicle by Sudhir Telang today captures  the mood and may be the ” State of the Nation ” with understandable  sarcasm – It shows all the scam scarred politicians and bureaucrats on top of  an elephant duly garlanded and the mahout being the Prime Minister of India with the caption  ”  Brave Children  ” drawing a parallel to the yearly parading of children who are bestowed with bravery awards on the occasion of the Republic Day .

In a recent interactive meeting organized by the CII [ Confederation of India Industries ] with all political parties to discuss growth strategies for the State of Andhra Pradesh , one politician stated that while the Central Government is on ICU [ Intensive Care Unit] , the state Government of AP is on a ventilator – very strong comment coming from a spokesperson of the regional party which was in power not long ago in the state for two full terms.

What has caused these perceptions or reality ? . A variety of factors – Most important reason is the ”  Trust Gap ” perceived by the general public due to corruption in all walks of life . The second one may be ” political brinkmanship ” keeping party and family loyalties above national priorities . Instead of  ” Performance with Purpose ” , we have neither performance nor purpose . Lastly serious erosion of social values due to nepotism , rigging of the electoral process and growth of black money all have created a ” value shift ” threatening to destroy the very fabric that is INDIA .

Do we say on this day -Enough !!. Let us change and that too fast enough by isolating the criminals and exposing their deeds in public , overhaul the democratic process to bring back sanity and order and work for an ” Inclusive Economic progress ” through home grown solutions using technology and innovation . A pledge like that will bring a needed meaning to the Republic which is now matured .

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