I really cannot explain the 70 day break – quite unplanned . It just happened that way . Had a few encounters with the occult while at Palakkad in Kerala during September . The Indian way of exorcism through certain rituals to ward of the influence of evil to ensure the well being and peace of mind of my near and dear – a new experience introduced by a mystic friend.

While the new experience was sinking in,  in my otherwise skeptic mind , another full blast came my way through another ritual to please the so called Serpent Gods who were annoyed with the lack of veneration and upkeep of their dwelling place in the family estates. An astrology expert and the mystic  interpreted the signs during the rituals and suggested remedies to ward of the evil spirits.

I decided to go along and believe in the larger family interest  in spite of the rational in me protesting all along . Was there any manipulation of our anxiety for the well being of near ones or we were merely doubting the veracity for want of direct evidence ?  . We are not very sure even now.

On the whole , it was a unique experience with the spiritual dimension , of invoking Gods and spirits to the place of rituals , of  sacrificial offerings and symbolism and the final state of relief and solace in being able to ward of future problems for the nuclear family .

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