A performance that takes you to a zone of Bliss – Ustad Zakir Hussain

16  Jan 2010 – We had a date with the world famous Maestero Ustad Zakir Hussain at  the HICC , Hyderabad –  a program of fusion music  along with great artists Taufiq Qureshi [ Percussion] , Niladri Kumar [Sitar]  and Sabir Khan [Sarangi] .  A packed house in one of the best ambience and sound marvel created in Hyderabad  to world standards was transported for two hours to another world of pure BLISS . The Maestero was in his elements as usual  and displayed excellent leadership qualities in highlighting the performance of his team members and praising them from the heart , the true marks of a great USTAD [Master] . Taufiq , Niladri and Sabir all gave their best and excelled in their repertoire in the benevolent support from the Maestero . The Ustad himself was outstanding in his range and depth giving one of his memorable Tabla performance with passion and application.

I remember witnessing the Ustad ‘s performance 16 years back at Allahabad where he performed along with the famous Sultan Khan [ Sabir is his son] on Sarangi . Even then , the great  quality of Zakir Hussain where he underplays himself to bring hia companion to lime light was visible . This is the hall mark of a great leader and the Ustad’s humility and humble behaviour  not only brings out his  STAGE  PRESENCE but magnifies it many times wherever he performs. We all as Indians feel very proud to have such great maesteros who do our great country proud!!.

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