Inside Apple – Beyond Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs has been an Icon when alive and brought up the legendary IT Product Company ” Apple ”   from an idea to an IT Behemoth over a period of 15 years to become the World’s largest IT Company in 2011 , shortly before he passed away on 5th November 2011, one day after the launch of iPhone4S .

While the end of Steve Jobs was expected for some time due to his prolonged illness , the market was full of speculations about the fate of the 360 Billion Dollar Company after he leaves the scene . The enigma called Steve Jobs cannot be replaced , according to some analysts and they predicted a doom spiral lurking around the corridors of Apple .

Steve Jobs did not follow any of the well known Management and Leadership covenants when alive , and in fact , he broke many of them to good measure but achieved spectacular results all the same . Many called him a narcissist , dictator , maverick , egoist and proud to the extent of a publicity maniac .

It was in this context that Adam Lashinsky of Fortune magazine wrote and published his well researched book titled -Inside Apple  – The Secrets Behind the Past and Future Success of Steve Jobs’s Iconic Brand , recently this year [John Murray – ISBN 978 1 84854 744 5 ] . The publisher rightly labels this seminal work as a deep dive into one unique company , the lessons about Jobs, leadership , product design and marketing .

While Steve Jobs is not with Apple any more  , his entrepreneurial spirit and the resultant enduring ” Apple Magic ” will keep the organization not only afloat but but will grow the company , let us hope ,  from strength to strength using an excellent integration and blending of Art and Technology with unique product development and marketing strategies for years to come .

The book is a ” Must Read ” for all Leadership Practitioners and Business community .

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