Our own ” Purple Monster ” turns 27 today .  A few minutes past 2.30 PM on this day in 1983 , Raghu was born at the Army hospital , Delhi Cantonment  .  By evening , he had developed rashes all over his body and the doctor applied  junction violet . Revathi , an intern  called him  the ” Purple Monster ” jokingly  and Jaya , his elder sister liked the name .

I clearly  remember  the night before when Malathi started her labor pain  and we had arranged an Army Vehicle stand by to take her to the hospital . Raghu refused to come out till next afternoon and Mrs Kochhar , the Gynaecologist waited patiently  to facilitate a natural delivery . Malathi’s elder sister Suku was around to support us .

Raghu – Ragzz to his friends  is an associate with Google  now . We fondly remember the Rolly Polly  youngster who refused to go to school at Bangalore , was afraid of the Sea Harrier  aircraft during the ” Beating the Retreat ”  function at New Delhi ,  the young devil who could beat an insect to pulp and now afraid to confront a spider , the student  at Army Public School  and Bhavan’s College at  Secunderabad  who started his own  rock band along with friends  , his vulnerability with mathematics but  good grasp of the English language , my assistant in a Team Building outbound training  program at ICRISAT  for NVIDIA  and above all a worldly wise young professional  who has traveled extensively to Europe , China , Australia and Korea .

When he was four years old , Raghu wanted to drive a Coles  Crane  when he grows up ,   as from our room , he used to watch his Menon Bhaiyya  lift engines effortlessly with his crane  in the Army’s Station Workshop at Bangalore where I was the Commander. After his  college , he wanted to learn music  and now he wants to learn boxing as a hobby besides his job with Google .

We wish our son great innings in the days to come and be what he wishes to be in Life.

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