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Your Job and your Calling in Life

A few weeks back , during an interaction with students of MBA class in a Management School , one student asked me for tips to get the job you would like to do in your life – A very tall order indeed .

After introducing him to the famous book ” What Color is my Parachute ? ” by Richard Nelson Bolles  which most of the Indian students may not have read , I gave my two pennies worth of wisdom as an answer to the question .

” In a developing nation like India , getting the first job after getting a degree in Arts/ Science or Engineering or a Masters in Management etc is mostly an economic necessity rather than fulfilling a personal dream . In many cases , students select the course of study which their parents feel are worth pursuing for a good Return on Investment [ROI] or in many cases , there is peer pressure to follow a chosen specialization . It is seldom that there is any career counseling to students to map a job to their talent .”

Blessed are those who get a job or assignment  which matches their talent where they can fully exploit their potential and at times the job can become their ‘ Calling ” . Some people choose a path in alignment with their inner urge irrespective of financial considerations and a few out of these make it well – Look at A R Rahman the wizard of  Movie Music or Dr Zakkir Hussain , the Tabla Maestero  and we will know what it takes !!.

Standing Tall! A.R. Rahman, The Wizard of Music.

Two Grammy awards  –  great icing on the Oscar Cake for the Great Master of Melody – A.R.  Rahman.  A fantastic achievement for the Indian musician who now joins the select group of Indians like Pandit Ravi Shanker, Ustad Zakir Hussain, Vishwa Mohan Bhatt and Vikku Vinayagam who all won the Grammy awards in the past.

Rahman’s musical journey had humble beginnings in South India. In spite of his childhood trauma, he survived and carved a place for himself in the movie world with off beat music which became very popular in the eighties and nineties. Soon, he expanded his range to rock music as well as classical music.  While movies like Roja, Dil Se and the recent Jodha Akbar revealed his versatility and expertise in Indian music, Slum Dog Millionaire brought him international honor and a Rock Star status globally.

A quiet and unassuming person with a golden heart,  Rahman is always in the lead wherever there is a need for funds to serve the poor and he readily agrees to give free concerts for such causes.  This little master has still a long journey ahead and is destined to win many more laurels for India in the world of music.  We wish him great times ahead. JAI HO RAHMAN !!