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The Novel Mongolian Experiment

It is reported [ WSJ dated 2nd June]  that the entire population of Mongolia will become share holders of Erdenes-Tavan Tolgoi Ltd , popularly known as T T by a bold move by their government through an allotment of 538 shares each , thereby enlisting the support for coal and copper mining operations in that country . China is obviously the ultimate beneficiary – a reverse plunder avenging the humiliating defeat 800 years ago by the legendary Genghis Khan . While economy of Mongolia may improve substantially , the attended ecological disaster if unchecked may trigger a new wave of climate change issues in the mountain region .

Keeping the immediate trigger for this action aside , it looks a very off beat strategy by any government to jump start an economy . Impacting the life style of  a  very traditional and nomadic population with 50 % living in the capital city of Ulan Bator , this action will be keenly watched by economists all over the world  for its outcome both in the short term and long term .

Will China replicate this move through the local governments in some of the Sub- Saharan African Countries  where they have an economic interest through oil or mining exploration underway ?

Ask the Crow!! Predictions on Climate Change.

The disputes about various claims on effects of climate changes due to global warming makes very interesting reading. In India, Mr R C Pachauri is now on the firing line but he is putting up a brave front. I do not think any one doubts his passion or sincerity. It is just that at best the forecasts are based on indicators and estimations from published survey data. No one really can predict accurately the shape  of things to come.  A glaring example is the Tsunami which struck globally in December 2004.  The phenomena of Tsunami was known to Japan but the name itself was not widely known to many nations including Indonesia which suffered maximum damage.

Scientists and other experts should also report factually without adding their own color to scare the public.  Any contradictions revealed later will only go against the veracity of the initial findings.

There is a famous joke about accuracy of things not known to human species. As an answer to a question posed to some one ” What is the distance from Point A to Point B as the crow flies? “, the retort was “Ask the Crow!! “