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A need for version control for YOU.

Our mentors or coaches advise –  be your original self always and do not try to be someone’s  carbon copy ! A sound advice indeed to be a person of good self worth . Leaders at various levels aspire to be their natural self against many temptations or even provocations to be someone else whom they wish to emulate .

But how about the many versions of your own persona which you release to the public when confronting business reality or personal dilemma ? Do we have a -best in class- version for happy situations and a – worst of its kind – version for crisis management ? More importantly , do our colleagues or family members identify and recognize such mood swings ?

Leaders need to have their own version control in place to remain within the so called UCL [ upper control limit] and LCL [ lower control limit ] to show consistency of personal behavior to be the real original they are both at work and in life .