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The ” Tipping Point ” for Corruption in India – An Year ending reflection.

As the first decade of the 21st Century comes to an end  , we  in India have mixed feelings  . Is the worst over as regards corruption in public life ? or do we see more and bigger things in 2011 and beyond ? . Jagdish Bhagawati  of Columbia University says in India a public figure is assumed to be corrupt culturally unless he/ she  proves otherwise . Probably , the onus is on the person who holds any public office to prove his credentials .

CWG Scam , 2 G Scam , land scams galore , Adarsh scam , Satyam scandal  – there are many to count and ponder about . The young Indian citizen is  frustrated and angry and if this scenario continues , we will soon reach a ” tipping point  ” and the public at large – 60 percent of them below the age group of 40 will revolt and take things in their hand to eradicate the malady through surgical means . It will be a great tragedy if in the bargain we sacrifice our sanity and law and order in this country . It is a wake up call for all those pseudo politicians and lobbyists  who indulge in corrupt practices and a day is not far off when public opinion will force a  paradigm shift in the Indian political and corporate scene – for the common good , I fondly hope . Let us all wish this great country – this RICH – POOR  India well  in the next decade .