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An Inspection in the land of the Kanchenjunga


I am glad to refer my readers to one of my blog published last year in guftagu @ amolak.in. Hope you like it. The scenic beauty of this Himalayan State  , friendly locals , inhospitable weather with treacherous terrain especially at higher altitudes , eye ball to eye ball contact with Chinese  troops at the passes like Nathu La , Jelep La , Cho La  etc are still fresh in my memory . I am very closely following the Doklam Stand off which is in the news these days.

One of our patrol party strayed  into Chinese territory across the international border in 1980 . They were apprehended by the Chinese troops and were taken to Yatung , the local military HQ at the Chinese side of Nathu La for questioning .  We got them back after a week through negotiations at the Field Commander level. One Medical Officer , Captain , who was part of the party later told me that they were looked after well and every evening they were shown the Hindi movie ‘Awara ” .

Please also see my blogs on ” An Indian Rope Trick ” and ” Field Punishment ” which narrate  my experience and encounters in Sikkim.

An Innovation at Higher Altitudes – The Indian Rope Trick

RTE – The Indian Rope Trick at Higher Altitudes (1)

I wrote this blog and sent it to my erstwhile commanding officer at Sikkim during 1981-82 for publication in his website guftagu@amolak.in. Later on, the post got the attention of the editor of FAUJI magazine and he republished the same.

Looking back more than 35 years, I feel very privileged to have been associated with this venture in absolute field conditions which finally resulted in a great pay off to the troops located in forward areas. The Doklam stand off with China now is happening not far from this area .

I am sure the Indian Army is much better equipped to cope with the “first enemy ” – the inhospitable terrain and then to meet any aggression in our soil in a befitting manner.

Proud to have been part of the Great Indian Army !