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Probity in Leaders

Ayaz Memon , the well known senior journalist ,while suggesting a road map for the Indian Cricket team [Forbes Magazine ,Indian edition of January 10,2014] talks about the four P’s which they need to cultivate to stay on course as personified by the likes of Tendulkar, Dravid ,Laxman, Kumble and Ganguly who dominated the game during the 90’s and 2000.The four P’s are Pride, Passion,Performance and Probity.

Out of the four P’s what guides you during the hours of crisis , especially when sports is driven by commerce is PROBITY , according to Memon. This is very evident from the various match fixing scandals which troubled the cricket players all around the world.

Extending the argument , I am sure Probity is equally if not more important in all walks of Leadership – whether in Politics , Business or Society . The various scams we witnessed recently in India or the ENRON , Lehman Brothers and Sub Prime incidents in the US all substantiate the need for this stellar asset among Leaders of all walks of life .

Probity is developed through culture building among individuals and in organizations over time. It codifies a written or unwritten ethical conduct to follow in times of crisis. It becomes the bedrock of Organizations to fall back when challenged . All other P’s will come to a naught in the absence of PROBITY.

The Dark Side of Leadership – Need for Leadership Vigil.

In the famous BBC TV Serial  ” The Tudors ” , King Henry VIII is shown  larger than life and glorified in spite of his many licentious behavior and cruelty shown to his dissidents . This custom of hero worship practiced  in feudal days is still in vogue both in political and business life and examples of the ‘dark side of leadership ‘ abound .

The dark side and the destructive emotions manifest in many ways . It may be simple corruption in high places like the recent infamous 2 G scam in India ,manipulation of the system of accounts and audits like in the ENRON case , or inappropriate behavior as alleged in the present IMF case .

Is this a case of absolute power giving license to misbehave or is it a system failure ? . We need sufficient safeguards against this malady . The leadership at higher levels also need to be vigilant to avoid planned sabotage of their honor and character by unscrupulous elements in the society who may be out to tarnish clean reputations to score on political or personal grounds . Both ways , we need to institutionalize ” Leadership Vigil ” .