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Working in the Cloud – Shape of things happening in the networked economy.

What is common with Paragon Footwear in India and the global financial giant J P Morgan in the year 2011 ? ,Or where do you think the family picnic photo you uploaded in Facebook  from Dubai yesterday reside in the internet space ? , or the latest Hollywood blockbuster you got streamed into your smartphone come from ?

The answer is CLOUD . Cloud computing is changing the way we work , live , entertain or keep our personal finances tracked . You have cloud computing solutions for ERP [ Enterprise Resource Planning] , for tracking precious cargo , streaming videos and now operating laptops [ Google Chrome Laptop] , Operating systems [ Microsoft Windows 365] tablet PC ‘s and smart phones and many more gadgets connected to the internet .

The days of large captive data storage devices are numbered and you may not even feel like storing anything even in a laptop or smart phone in future . In this exuberance of a promised ” Cloud 9 ” experience on the net , both users and facilitators are well advised to maintain the  interactive , fluid and immediacy features with adequate security and redundancy built into the hardware , applications and systems . If this is done with due care and caution , the software landscape in future will surely be on mobile and cloud platforms .

India ranked 9th by UNIDO for Industrial Manufacturing

The UNIDO [ United Nations Industrial Development Organization]  has ranked India 9th in its  International Yearbook of Industrial Statistics 2010 .  This is a welcome news and rather a surprise  considering the country ‘s overall emphasis on the Service Economy  in preference to traditional manufacturing  economy .

Over the last two decades ,  the level of industrial manufacturing in our country did come down and the services sector  especially IT and Retail as well as the Financial sector  had a boom period with double digit growth annually . This also caused a flight of talent  from manufacturing to the IT and other sunrise industry sector .

During the sixties   the shift started  from the Agricultural sector to the Industrial sector  and later on with the advent of IT and the Internet ,  services sector started shining with large export earnings  and attended materialism and  middle class prosperity .  Many traditional industrial sectors like the Tatas , Birlas , Mahindra etc started IT Companies .

In the above scenario , manufacturing did take a back seat but we cannot deny the advantage and process improvements effected in manufacturing using IT applications .  ERP and Supply Chain Solutions facilitated reduction in process time and also Time to Market . Therefore ,  there is obvious synergy which can be leveraged collaboratively along with improvements in the Agricultural sector for an integrated and balanced growth . This will also facilitate an Inclusive Economic Growth in the country .