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Overlooking the Obvious – The India Way.

I got 9,960,000 links¬† in 10 seconds on a Google search for the caption ” overlooking the obvious ” !. If this is so , why are we still overlooking the obvious when it happens every time in that way ?

The story of Corruption in India can be explained with this phenomena . Any amount of fasting , legislation , ombudsman , Jasmine Revolution will bring about an end to this malady which has deep roots in the Indian Psyche . Some of the basic reasons are given below : –

We pay a bribe to get a baby borne in a decent hospital and we pay a bribe to get a decent cremation or burial when someone dies in the family .

We pay bribe to jump the ‘Q ” to get a passport or even a ration card which is the legitimate right of every citizen .

We have to pay a bribe to a government official to receive money to the government treasury without any harassment and inconvenience to you !!

Many people bribe the recruiters to get a job in the private or public sector .

Most of the policemen do not issue a ticket for your traffic crime and settle for graft money . They even ask you for money if you want to file a FIR in a police station to report an incident !!

Votes are mostly purchased with money – the so called ” Vote Bank ” in politics .

Caste based favors are still rampant in many parts of India !!

The list can go on and on !! .

So what do we do ? . Teach our children how not to be corrupt , even if it takes a few years for the results to show !! . We come very short when it comes to family values and respect for the Individual and Society . The seeds of corruption are sown in these fertile fields .  We need to remove the causes and not merely punish the culprits .

Combating Corruption in India should be more of a social revolution backed by quality education and value based upbringing of children . It begins at home . We need the WILL to do this !!.