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My encounter with May Day in Moscow – Year 1977

We , three Indian Army Officers  in Moscow on the May Day in 1977  thought we  were very lucky to be there to witness the great spectacle   –  The May Day parade in Red Square .  We were on a training assignment  including knowledge transfer in connection with acquiring a soviet  military equipment .

We planned our schedule at the hotel in the morning and bought a train ticket to the nearest railway station to the Red Square  by Metro . When  we got down , we were asked by the police on duty to show our passes to witness the parade . We did not have it but told the policeman that we have a valid train ticket to exit at that station . We were told that all stations leading out to the Red Square are closed for public movement except with valid passes for the parade . With disappointment writ  largely on our face , we  went back to our hotel and finally witnessed the celebrations and procession  going on in the neighborhood .

While we were quite impressed by the control exercised by the police even at the cost of public liberty to travel to any destination in the Metro with a valid ticket , we wish we knew this in advance so that we could arrange valid passes from the Indian Embassy at Moscow.

May Day Reflections – Innovations in Child Labor

Yesterday ,  the world celebrated the International Labor Day . I saw red  flags in some parts of the city  and some festoons and banners  announcing the day to the  general public .

While there are a number of regulations and policies at national and international level banning child labor , we find a new and very innovative way of resorting to and benefiting from child labor  thanks to the influence and great impact of the electronic media  in India  .  These are the so called song and dance shows by child artists in the garb of developing talent  – the Reality Shows .

It is now one of the High End ,  High TRP  show in the well known Hindi and regional channels to parade child artists swinging and gyrating to fast music  numbers , mostly from movies suitable for matured audience . The children , mostly below 12 years  go through the motions with gusto without any clue either on the meaning behind the lines or suggestions hidden in each movement .

Many well known companies who want to promote their consumer interests are behind this venture  and every one except the child benefits .  The child artist loses heavily in terms of his or her leisure time and get committed for long hauls of work  including rehearsals many missing their regular class work , examinations and even summer holidays . The ” proud ” parents and the sponsors walk all the way laughing to the bank !! .

It is high time the government and social organizations intervene and put an end to this shameful act which stunts a child’s growth and bring in avoidable trauma and stress in his/her life.