It is rather a paradox that while the cradle of democracy – Greece – is battling to save its economy through various bail out and stimulus packages , China is singing the virtues of a one party rule in boosting its economic growth and global dominance . A matured democracy like US is also getting restive about its ‘ duology ‘ of two party system .

Are we as a global community losing our grip over the time tested democratic institutions ? Are we misusing or not exercising due care and caution in electing our political leaders ? While a democracy now only means the right to vote for a common citizen in any country following this process , the duly elected leaders many times resort to taxing the masses to bail out the [rich] classes!

One way out is the right to recall  your representatives when they fail to deliver but this is not possible except through revolutions which turns mostly violent . After all ,  Gandhiji’s strategies are not working now the way it should in many situations .

There is no easy way out and in the long term people themselves [hopefully] will find an answer to this malady .

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