The world famous management guru Ram Charan in his book titled “Global Tilt” discusses the shift in economic power from the Northern Hemisphere [ US,Europe , Japan and Russia ] to countries like China , India, Brazil , Middle East and the African countries across the so called 31st Parallel. These countries have of late shown a new capacity for economic up swing upsetting the age old belief that the North held the key to economic prosperity. Many of them have in fact come out with innovative business models surpassing the wisdom of the erstwhile giants from the North.

Ramcharan himself represents this outlook in many ways. From humble beginnings in India , over the last 50 years of work life, he has become an undisputed global management Guru highly respected by all in the C suites . His clients included late Steve Jobs, Jack Welch ,Michael Dell and Howard Schultz. His ideas are always current and are sought after by all.

In his book Global Tilt, he has narrated many success stories from South of the 31st Parallel. One of them pertains to the Indian Telecom giant – Bharti Airtel. The growth of this enterprise from humble beginning through innovative business practices both in India and in Africa through acquisitions is well known in business circles. Airtel ,as per today’s news have more than doubled its quarterly earnings during this quarter.

Some of the other large scale enterprises [LSE’s] from the South which find a mention in Ram Charan’s book are Huawei and Haier of China , Samsung of Korea , GMR from India , SABIC from Saudi Arabia , Zain Group in Africa and AB InBev of Brazil .

According to Ram Charan , a global company in the tilt will have a headquarters in the South ,will have leaders who keep a keen eye on the macro landscape ,will have goals,performance targets and accountability linked to real time challenges ,will redeploy resources quickly as per market dynamics ,will have closely connected decision makers ,will move decisively ahead of others and above all will have the psychology to accept that some things are unknowable,and the confidence,flexibility and resilience to adopt.

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