A WINDOW side view of Microsoft Leadership over the four decades

It was early 2000 and the venue – The Shilpa Kala Vedika at Hitec City , Hyderabad [ christened Cyberabad later on ] . A large crowd of Software professionals and leaders from that Industry were anxiously waiting for Bill Gates to appear on the stage to demonstrate the much touted device – The Tablet PC . I vividly remember the high dramatics attached to this event when Bill finally appeared on stage and presented the device to the delight of all assembled in the hall. It was global leadership in action from a position of dominance!.

Microsoft was in existence almost three decades before that and Bill’s body language reflected the fabulous success saga of his enterprise shaping the virtual world through his WINDOWS rooted in technology prowess.

Come late 2000’s , and we have a true dramatist and high flyer sales guy in Steve Ballmer , Bills’s successor with a larger-than-life image hugging people and shouting on stage proclaiming the dominance of Microsoft products against a tough and competitive business landscape in the form the likes of Google and others , not to talk about the issues connected with Anti Trust and piracy.

Tune to early 2014 and after 39 years , we have the third CEO of Microsoft – Satya Nadella again from Hyderabad India taking over the mantle from Steve Ballmer . His interview telecast recently with a business correspondent in the US was in stark contrast to the styles of Bill Gates or Steve Ballmer . Nadella’s affable ,gentle collegiate style appeared to all the reflection of a new chapter in the business history of Microsoft giving hopes of a collaborative style . It looks like he knows where the Industry is heading and his belief in breaking traditions and embracing Innovation to go forward displays a cultural shift for the mature company to transition into new business breaking from past glories and missed opportunities.

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