We live our lives in terms of ROLES – not in the sense of ROLE PLAYING but in the sense of authentic real life PARTS we have chosen to fill. ROLES represent RESPONSIBILITIES RELATIONSHIPS and AREAS OF CONTRIBUTION. Much of our pain in life comes from the sense that we are succeeding in one role at the expense of other, possibly even more important roles.

A clear set of roles provides a natural framework to create order and BALANCE. Balance among roles does not simply mean that you are spending time in each role, but that these roles work together for the accomplishment of our MISSION. Identifying roles gives a sense of the wholeness of QUALITY OF LIFE – that life is more than just a Job, or a Family, or a particular Relationship. It is all of these together. By identifying your roles, you are not trying to break your life down and fit it into neat little boxes on a planning page. You are creating a variety of perspectives from which to examine your life to ensure BALANCE and HARMONY

 Tailpiece –

 “If we keep doing what we are doing, we are sure to keep getting what we are getting”

– (Inspired by Stephen Covey)

– Brig K Harikumar (Retd)   Aug 1998

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