The Indian workplace is witnessing wide spread changes. The ongoing liberalisation and the resultant intense competition have forced organisations to look at the productivity at the workplace in a very different manner. Manpower issues are becoming critical. The focus has now shifted to EMPLOYABILITY and therefore the onus is on the employees to retain their employability. In this context, RENEWAL has assumed paramount importance. The ever increasing pace of technological advancement is putting pressure and enhancing the rate of obsolescence at the workplace. Knowledge is upgrading itself faster and faster and the needs of the workplace are undergoing. magnitudinal changes. The days of the LEAN ORGANISATION are very much here. Organisations are going to very surgically look at the total number of people they employ and not only that they also will look at the type of people (qualitatively) they employ. So, the workplace imperative is to continuously upgrade one’s skill levels in whatever job one is doing and also look at the changing requirements of the job on a continuous basis. Also, not only of the current job but the jobs or the roles one can expect to perform in the near future.

Tail Piece

If you are not fired with enthusiasm, you will be FIRED with enthusiasm.

– Brig (Retd) K Harikumar , February  1997

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