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A Personal Journal on and for your New Born

We all like Nostalgia – Reminiscences of our past and many times we relive such moments with the help of diaries , photographs or video in which we record our experiences , reflections and those moments we cherish for all our life .

When a child is born , the parents record the event on photos or videos . Some of them may write notes in their private diary to recap the moments later . But , do these records other than the photos and videos ever get seen by the new born later ? . Very rarely !! .

I feel it is a good idea for either the father or mother or jointly by both if practicable , to start a journal as an adjunct to the images to record every day in the new born child’s  life from birth  or even earlier from the date when the child is conceived as they deem fit . Such a diary could then be handed over to the child when he or she is old enough to appreciate the importance to continue the endeavor .

It is essential to know one’s roots and the family tree and such journals will be of immense help to map LIFE !!

Do we know our roots?

Remember Kunta Kinte, the original protagonist in the famous novel ROOTS written by Alex Haley in 1977? His saga running back to six generations to identify his African roots? This novel changed the way we think about our lineage and ancestors. But how many of us in the present generation bother to find out our roots?

In India, some people who believe in astrology visit a place called Hoshiarpur in Punjab to hear the pundits reading out the “Bhrighu Samhita”. The pundit [for a payment] picks up the sheet pertaining to the person who requests for it and reads out the details of his ancestors with details. Quite amazing, many people who experienced this report.

In the eighties I saw a Hindi movie named “Arjun Pandit” . In this movie, the central character Arjun Pandit, a wise man asks a youngster a series of questions on the Mughal Dynasty. Who is the father of Shah Jahan? When the youngster answers Jahangir, next question is who is the father of Jahangir? When the answer is again given correctly, the questions go on till the youngster reach the lineage traced to Akbar, Humayun, Babur and beyond .

When the youngster is very happy with his performance, Arjun Pandit now asks him, what is the name of your father, then his father’s father and so on. The youngster does not know the name of his grand father’s father. Arjun Pandit jokingly remarks “You know six generations of the Mughal Dynasty but not even three generations of your own ROOTS!! Very bad indeed” .

Does this apply to most of us or not ?